Saturday, June 6, 2009


The region's schools participated in EcoFest today and yesterday. We ended up with a gold standing which feels great after all the work we did this year. We also got an award for our display out of all the secondary schools. The gold sticker on our plaque was well deserved. We knocked ourselves out all year long. The display award - not so much, but we're grateful to be recognized anyway.

We made a montage of most of the events we held during the year. When I got there, I was amazed at the caliber of the primary school displays. We couldn't hold a candle to what the little ones do, and I was glad we weren't competing against them (especially after seeing them with all their fingers crossed as they announced the awards). Just to look a little better, I started adding stuff to ours in marker, like muscled stainless steel water bottles stomping on a plastic water bottle and these birds saying "Don't cut down my tree. Use hemp!", "Save my home - stop wasting paper.", and "Do you really need a copy of this? It's my house!"
Besides the display board, two of our kids performed a song loosely about the environment, but not specifically related to our club. Well, during the performance, one line was supposed to be about our club saving the day. But they just wrote it recently, and they couldn't quite remember the line, and it was the day after prom, so instead of "OneEarth Club" the singer sang "Obama." Whatever works. Because I went to the trouble of borrowing a videotape machine, then totally forgot to use it, I taped them playing the corrected version later. I can't upload quite yet; I'll add it later.

Today I brought my family there for the face painting and animal show and a live albino snake "necklace." It was a great place to ask lots of questions, and I think I understand how corn-based compostable plastic can actually biodegrade now. But I'm still wary of using green bin sludge on agriculture.

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