Sunday, May 2, 2010

Earthfest 2010 - The Performers

During the evening I took a few minutes of footage from each performer.  I cut it down to the best bits in two 10-minuted chunks (because nothing on YouTube can be longer than 10 minutes).  Next year, we'll film the whole thing and I'll make one 10 minute video of a bit of everything, and then upload every band separately.  I'll need another person on camera for that.  Some people got ripped off for film time because I got really busy during a few sets.  I thought I'd be fine without a tripod, but I should have taken five minutes to get one because the camera's pretty shaky and jerky in parts.  I tried to get every band member but wasn't always successful because the "mosh pit" was full of people or because it just didn't happen. And I got mesmerized watching some of the more energetic bits of some bands, then only caught the calmer bits on film.

Nevertheless, for a flavour of each band and a teaser for next year's Earthfest, here's Earthfest 2010:

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