Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Creative Planters and Invisible Cars

Things I've found surfing around:

Check out how Sara Watson painted a car to make it look invisible. Years ago an artist did the same kind of thing on a woman in various nature settings. And another artist of sorts, Suzanne Forsling, created a garden in a row of gutters. And there's some incredible shots at Environmental Graffiti of imminent death. It's the cycle of life and all.

Vanessa an eco-journalist from the National Post made a video of her attempt to make 365 earth-friendly changes over the course of a year. I asked in the comments why she decided to unplug her refridgerator at 400 watts (and all the work that entails trying to keep food fresh), but still uses a clothes dryer, at 5,000 watts, without question. Granted a fridge is on more often than a dryer, but with typical use, an electric dryer will use more energy. Funny choice, that.

And, finally, a YouTube video,(h/t KW Conscience) - warning, it's got an asterix-laden profanity written near the end. I think I can promote it and still maintain a G-rating!

No, there's nothing below the fold today.

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