Monday, May 25, 2009

Greenbelt Art

These pieces of art were created by students for an assignment to express what the Ontario Greenbelt means to them. The lesson was developed by Chris Bignell, a student teacher doing his practicum with Jason Panda at KCI this year. They were all made using Photoshop. The entire lesson takes one week. Modify and use as you like. (Click on a photo to see it larger.)

I (Heart) Greenbelt


Students will discuss the purposes of graphic art and begin a client based work for the Government of Ontario on the Greenbelt. Students will research the Ontario Greenbelt and environmental issues surrounding it, and create an environmental artwork in response.

Four Corners: The Purpose of Graphic Art

Have students arrange themselves into four courners of the room based on their opinion of a topic. They then have five minutes to create a compelling argument for their corner and present it to the class:
Question: What is the purpose of Graphic Design? (provide an example)
1. money and fame
2. to express yourself
3. to develop a sense of community
4. to promote a thought and influence people

Project Details

The government of Ontario wants you to express what the Ontario Greenbelt means to you. Your challenge is to make an aesthetic digital artwork using Photoshop. You have a lot of artistic freedom in this assignment. Use the techniques you've been learning, and be creative!

Artwork Specifications:

1. The dimensions must be 8.5"x 11". You are free to choose either landscape or portrait page formatting.
2. No personal markings or signatures are to be on the artwork itself.
3. All source images must be original; no images taken from the internet or elsewhere can be used. (This could impose a challenge to acquire images in our lovely Canadian weather.)
4. Use a minimum of three layers (including adjustment layers), and keep them organized and labeled.
5. On a piece of paper in one sentence summarize the purpose of your work, and hand it in upon completion.


1. Save a master/working copy of the .psd file in your own file structure.
2. Save another copy of the .psd and the .jpg file in the groupwork/greenbelt folder.
3. The file you submit should have your initials follwed by "_greenbelt.jpg"(ie. cb_greenbelt.jpg)
4. Finally, go to to submit a copy of the .jpg to the government's competition. Good luck!

Assessment: ( /20)

( /2) Purpose Statement: The purpose statement is designed to overtly specify the meaning of the piece. What specific issues is it a response to, and what position does the artist take?

( /3) Midway Critique: Halfway through the week students will submit a copy of their digital work for the class to do a peer critique. This is a collaborative activity designed to give artists some feedback and possible future directions for their piece. It also promotes a sense of community and communal learning within the classroom. Students will receive a participatory mark for contributing their work and commenting on their peers.

( /15) Final Evaluation: Students will be evaluated on the organization of layers within their psd file, the use and compatibility of their source materials, and the overall presentation and techniques used in the piece.


landskapeideas said...

these are good artworks...done using photoshop is even great...they are sure talented and creative

Marie said...

It's unfortunate I don't have all of them. They really are captivating on display at school.