Monday, December 14, 2009

CO2 as a Pollutant

A point of clarification: The word pollution is similar in use to the word weed. It's really just something we don't want. Both words describe contaminants that we try to eradicate or at least put the brakes on.....

Anything can be a weed. I actually plant clover in my lawn even though some people choose to dig it out. And sometimes a plant that I really like becomes a weed when it flourishes beyond my wildest expectations. Peppermint and ivy are two of my favourites. The peppermint is contained in the boulevard, so that's doing okay. But the ivy has completely taken over my front garden. I can't cut it back fast enough.

Many people insist we're all up in arms about nothing because CO2 isn't a pollutant. We need it to live. As much as I like ivy, as soon as it takes over another groups of plantings, it's officially a weed, and I get rid of it. Carbon dioxide is a pollutant as soon as it is in quantities that harms more than it helps. Right now there's so much CO2 that it's trapping the heat around the planet, and that's harming us. Even though we need it and it's good for us, it's flourishing in quantities greater than is healthy for the world, so we have to find ways to cut it back before it completely destroys our garden.

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