Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Day Two

This is the hottest decade on record according to the World Meteorological Association. Nigel Lawson can keep on telling himself that it's not continuing to warm, that we've peaked and are holding. But how long will the hold pattern last? Maybe a decade, with warming increasing rapidly after that. Yikes.

Obama declared that GHGs are harmful to human health. This is important because it means the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) can order emission cuts without approval from congress.

See OneClimate.net for live coverage of the day-to-day events taking place during the conference.

The Mayor of Copenhagen sent postcards to hotels asking delegates to refrain from having sex with prostitutes during the conference: "be sustainable, don't buy sex." I'm not sure how sex is unsustainable; it seems to have sustained us for millennia without affecting the climate, but the sex workers have turned the campaign to their advantage by offering one free service to anyone who brings in a postcard.

And the OneEarth video has been entered in David Suzuki's video contest. Vote here for "KCI sends a video letter to the Prime Minister."

That's it!

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