Thursday, February 4, 2010

Bonhomme Hates Climate Change

Quebec is standing up to the rest of Canada - again.  According to a federal official, "Quebec is placing itself dangerously outside a continental consensus by adopting stringent vehicle and and energy emissions standards."....

Meanwhile, the rest of Canada is placing itself dangerously outside necessary targets to slow climate change by doing pretty much nothing at all.  Charest says, "The only federal plan is to align with the U.S....I never in my life thought that aligning our policies with the U.S. was good enough for Canada."  "Since the U.S.'s climate-change legislation is mired in Congress....mimicking the U.S. position could really mean doing nothing on energy."

Prentice's concern on this one is that Quebec won't be able to compete internationally any more if auto manufacturers get fined for every car they make that doesn't meet emissions standards since most cars and trucks don't currently conform to the latest rules.  But that doesn't really imply that new cars and trucks can't be made to a higher standard.    

Meanwhile, Prentice is still insisting we should expand the oil sands "but in an environmentally responsible manner."  And Stelmach just gave a speech promising goals of "minimizing the cost of doing business and government regulations."  Okay, but being environmentally responsible is predicted to cost about $3-billion.  In the words of NDP Leader Brian Mason, the government is trying to "suck and blow at the same time."

The good news?  Climate change is causing forests to grow faster now than any time over the past 225 years!  See, there's always a bright side.

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