Monday, February 8, 2010

Combatting Eco-Fatigue

When we did our initial waste audit this year, we discovered that fully half of our recycling and compost is going to the garbage.  People haven't been sorting their trash as well as they did last year.  So we're trying a few initiatives to combat eco-fatigue...

We were going to give raffle tickets to anyone we caught recycling or composting, but we were worried about the repercussions if we missed someone.  We have visions of angry environmentalists lamenting their lack of tickets.  So we ditched that idea.

Instead we decided to make quizzes to give to MSIP classes - a couple of really hard questions each day - and the winning class gets some homemade cookies at the end of the week.  Then the following week we'll do a great green challenge (like we did for the teachers) pitting classes against one another.  Winners get more homemade treats.

And we made this video that's playing at an assembly tomorrow to remind people what goes where:

I'm not sure what I did to make it have a border instead of being full screen. Next time I'll pay attention to that little detail. The trickiest part of putting this one together, after figuring out a new version of the software, was choosing the music. What would make teens of all walks of life pay attention and/or not be annoyed? I went with the Beatles.

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