Sunday, March 7, 2010

Bottled Water Free Day: March 11

This Thursday is Bottled Water Free Day.  Check out the website here, but also check out this very informative and funny video.  There's some posters you can use below the fold.

We'll be putting up posters around school, and giving pamphlets with information about water bottles to anyone who has a plastic water bottle in their hands. We sold water bottles last year, and it really made a difference. It's gotten trendy again!

Here's my posters:

Poster #1

Can you make it one day, this Thursday, without any bottled water? Can you make it forever?

It’s a major source of pollution.

It’s a health hazard for fish and birds, and US as plastic disrupts hormones in whatever eats it.

It takes a quarter of bottle of oil to make
each bottle and transport it to you.

Over half of bottled water brands have been recalled at least once due to high bacteria counts.

Use the fountain or a reusable container!!
Poster #2
This is where plastic ends up.

80% of the garbage in the ocean blows there
from land. It harms animals, and it harms us.

This Thursday is Bottled Water Free Day.

Join us in refusing to buy water in a bottle
that will add to this garbage crisis. 

Poster #3

There’s an area in the ocean twice
the size of Texas that’s full of plastic. The majority of it, 80%, blew there from land.

Don’t add to this garbage patch.

This Thursday is Bottled Water Free Day.

Use a stainless steel, glass, or ceramic bottle
or travel mug Thursday and every day.
I decided against adding our pamphlet because the format will get messed up beyond all reasonable understanding.  But if anyone wants some handy anti-water-bottle pamphlets, e-mail me, and I'll send you one to copy within a few hours!  Get the word out!!

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