Monday, March 15, 2010

Ditch the Dryer

I missed yesterday, so today's day 38 and 37 until Earthfest.  Ditch the dryer.  Really.  Get it right out of your house so it doesn't tempt you ever again.*  The clothes dryer is typically the second largest energy hog in a house, getting trampled only by the refrigerator.  It's that time of year when the dryer beckons a little more than usual, but I can resist.....

In the dry, dark winters, my wet clothes are ready to be put away usually within 24 hours.  But once we get these rainy days, and I stop getting shocks from petting the cats, clothes start to take a few days to dry.  This is when I consider turning on the de-humidifier but realize that makes about as much sense as tossing them in the dryer - well, less sense really.

Maybe I live a pretty boring life, but I get quite excited about hanging laundry outside.  Tomorrow and Wednesday I'll be on that.  I already did loads of sheets and blankets on that first day that hit ten degrees last week.  I was pumped!  All the bedrooms smelled so fresh afterward.  I should do commercials - but for what?  Clotheslines?  The sun?  

At the very least avoid dryer sheets.  They're full of toxic crap you really don't need in your life.  I told a colleague that I don't use scented laundry stuff or dryer sheets or anything.  She was shocked and actually came over to smell me.  She was impressed that I have no discernible odour - neither good nor bad.  And if your laundry is static-y, you can turn off the lights and watch the blue sparks for kicks.

I should get out more.
*Okay, don't ditch it if you have kids in diapers or bed wetters.  I'm a bit fanatical about dryer-use, but even I cave when faced with a mountain of pee-soaked cotton.  If you can do the diaper thing all winter without a dryer, then I bow down to you, my liege.  I am not worthy.

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