Friday, March 12, 2010

Forty Days and Forty Nights

Forty day countdown to Earthfest.  Party on.  Excellent.

I'm aiming for forty easy eco-tips in forty days. The first one isn't really easy, but I thought I'd do it first because it might take the whole forty days:  stop smoking....

It never fails to surprise me how many eco-minded teenagers smoke.  Smoking pollutes the air, obviously, and butts are the number one piece of litter found on the ground.  If they get into the storm drains, they seriously pollute rivers.  And all those butts on the ground?  It's no mystery where they go.  They make their way into the storm drains.   We need little elves with spears to come out at night and pick them all up.  Or we need people to carry them with them until they hit a garbage.  I think the former is more likely. 

Check out this bookMerchants of Doubt.   It's about how a handful of scientists convince us that smoking and climate change are totally cool.  You can see the author on this video too. 

On a non-eco note, my daughter is extraordinary at choosing lovely names for her pets and stuffed animals.  The turtles on my iGoogle page are Sophie and Elliot, and her pet rat was Francie.  I asked her what she'd name herself if she could have any name in the world:  Dogdodge.  Of course.

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